Tablet video conferencing via KUBI. (by Revolve Robotics)

Intel Presents the “Make it Wearable” Challenge (by The Creators Project)

Bot & Dolly: “Box”

“Box,” a new short film/performance from design and engineering studio Bot & Dolly produced in association with The Creators Project, takes projection mapping, well — out of the box.

Just to make sure you understand what you’re seeing: The above video is documentation of a live performance. I’ve been assured there was no compositing in post-production. It’s all live.

Bot & Dolly calls their combination of robotic arms and projection mapping a “kinematic projection platform.”

Tarik Abdel-Gawad, Creative Director at Bot & Dolly explains the setup: “Through large-scale robotics, projection mapping and software engineering, audiences will witness the trompe l’oeil effect pushed to new boundaries.”

Coin from EXIT 73 studios on Vimeo.

Donovan Murdock loves his Coin, when stolen from him, he will stop at nothing in this rock ‘em sock ‘em beat ‘em up! Take a nostalgic journey with Donovan as he travels through yesterdays most memorable video games!


Microsoft’s newly unveiled research project the IllumiRoom is a combination projector/Kinect which extends your video game experience. There’s a bunch of interesting use cases presented here, I’m partial to the snow/extra scenery coming off of the game, and the gun shots rippling through your space. So rad.

This is a project we can not talk about. We had to remove all logos and voice over.
It is a shame as the project was particular interesting from its conceptual point of view. Nevertheless we still thinking it is worth it to show.

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